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The main technical points of the stainless steel band is flat and level
The early stage of the steel strip processing processing, clean surface of billet, half a continuous pickling and continuous pickling type, for users the freedom to choose. A. is the purpose of smooth improve mechanical performance, to ensure that the product forming process; B. fixed plate shape, to get a flat steel plate; C. according to the requirements of the users to use, processing and smooth or pits, and improve the surface quality. For ferritic stainless steel, the most important purpose is to improve the mechanical properties of flat. Ferritic stainless steel, also include some low carbon martensite steel, annealing and other mild steel in tensile deformation occurs after "yielding phenomenon". The main technical points of the stainless steel with a smooth, on the surface to produce wool or tree of inhomogeneous deformation pattern, called the slip line. The material in the subsequent processing occurs "creasing" and "lotus leaf edge", seriously damaged the value of the product. To eliminate this kind of defect, need to make the appropriate level off, the steel strip to make it produce a uniform permanent deformation in advance, thus in the tensile deformation does not produce "yield".
Improve the mechanical properties of flat rate of pressure adjustment room is very small, generally is 0.8% ~ 1.2%. In order to more accurate, usually used method to control the elongation. In this way, the elongation became a criterion control the performance of the product.
Elongation with in a flat on the elongation test. Theory is to detect the entry side coil length and the ratio of the outlet side coil length. , in fact, the original is not direct detection coil length, but the tension roller was detected in RPM (revolutions or turning roll) corresponding pulse number to calculate, while speed instability or deceleration measuring roll will be lost, so the elongation is often not accurate enough. Entrance to export import Settings to use for the units of the laser velocimeter to direct detection of steel roll speed, to ensure the accurate control of elongation. The second purpose is to improve the strip shape. No matter what steel grade, what use requirement steel flat, after pickling and annealing with steel plate shape is generally not ideal, need to revised by flat. Department of Ni Cr stainless steel stainless steel and high carbon there is no control the elongation of the problem, fixed shape became main purpose. Smooth the third goal is to improve the surface finish machining condition. Stainless steel according to different purposes, the state has a smooth surface (such as 2 b) and pits. Light panel requirements with good finish, need finish high roll flat
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