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Can a stainless steel jug carry beer?


Stainless steel hip flask, as its name suggests, is a jug made of stainless steel. The earliest prototype of the stainless steel hip flask came from the West. Western cowboys carry hip flasks. When they squat, they come to a sip. Actually, this practice is in ancient times. Already there is already, but the wine is not a jug from a gourd. Nowadays, with the exchange of Chinese and Western cultures, many men also like to carry jug on their bodies, not for drinking, but a taste and a style. Very masculine, so today let stainless steel hip flask manufacturers say that stainless steel hip flask can be loaded with beer?

The stainless steel hip flask is now popular with people. It can hold a variety of beverages and is relatively small and portable.

Stainless steel jugs use different types of stainless steel, and different stainless steels have different qualities and characteristics. Generally stainless steel jugs can be used to hold strong liquors, such as white wine. It's best not to use beer. Because beer has gas, it will come into contact with the air when it is opened, and it will degenerate after a long time. Therefore, it must be opened directly to drink and avoid deterioration in the small jug.

Stainless steel jug can hold white wine, but can not be loaded beer, because the beer itself has a lot of steam, and the capacity of the jug itself is not big, loaded beer without steam will lose the taste of the beer itself, so the stainless steel wine Pots with some spirits are good choices, and the shape of stainless steel hip flasks is also very important. Stainless steel hip flask manufacturers sell high-quality stainless steel hip flask, stainless steel hip flask. Welcome to inquire.