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What is taboo on the use of stainless steel jug


Stainless steel hip flasks are widely used nowadays and are used more and more. Most of them are men. Everyone who reads TV shows knows that there were many men with hyacinths and small ceramic wines in ancient times. Most of them like to drink. They have small hip flasks on their bodies. When they want to drink, they can untie the embarrassment. But now we see very little because we can buy them at any time but we still have them. Some people use stainless steel hip flasks. The hip flasks are smaller and smaller. They are placed in their pockets in the same size as their purses, so they are very popular with people. Then everyone knows when stainless steel hip flasks are used. Taboo? What I said next will be helpful to everyone.

Stainless steel hip flask taboo

Stainless steel jugs generally can only be used to hold spirits, such as Maotai, Erguotou, whiskey and other high wine, it is best not to hold acidic liquids, such as red wine, fruit wine, carbonated drinks and so on. When using a jug for the first time, you can wash it with warm water and detergent first, and then disinfect it with alcohol. When not in use, it is best to clean it, then dry it.

Stainless steel hip flask is not able to heat at a high temperature, because the stainless steel hip flask is very conductive, in addition to avoid severe beats, impact, so as not to crack the welding point, and deformation of the hip flask.

The above is about the taboo aspect of the stainless steel hip flask. Everyone has time to look at it. You can also have a look at the small buddies who have a special favorite for the stainless steel hip flask. I believe there will be some help for everyone. , We are a professional manufacturer of stainless steel hip flask, there are like you can contact us, in addition to this we have many different types of stainless steel hip flask, I believe there is always a favorite.